Women Socio-Economic Strengthening

Socio-Economic Strengthening

We provide pathways for women to achieve economic empowerment – by generating incomes, starting new businesses, skilling and accessing government schemes and credit.

Promotion of Micro-Enterprises

We promote the establishment of micro-enterprises to involve women in income generating activities for economic empowerment and self-sustainability.

Inclusive Agriculture Development

We mainstream the efforts of women in agriculture and crop development, to ensure they are recognised key contributors in the sector. We empower women to be members and leaders of FPCs, and take decisions for agriculture development initiatives at a village level.

Strengthening Gender via ‘Decent Work’

ACF team members are trained on gender approaches and frameworks to ensure gender inclusion in approaches to development. As a result, women’s participation has increased in every sphere of life in ACF villages.

Promotion of Skill Based Livelihoods

With regular motivation and support, gender stereotypes in skilling are being broken with female trainees enrolling in Welding, Automobile Repair and Electrical trades.

Access to Credit

Via SHG promotion, saving and credit we ensure women aren’t trapped in the hands of money lenders or others. Women are taking loans for productive and consumption purposes, and making regular repayments.

Leveraging Government Schemes

The Government is a major player in development, and there are many schemes which are not reaching the community. ACF is playing the role of catalyst and connects beneficiaries to State and Central Government Schemes to avail benefits.



women have started enterprises


SEDI trainees are female


females trained in male dominated technical trades


women members availed bank loan in 2021-22


credit availability for each SHG