Women Building Local Institutions

Building Local Institutions

We collectivise women and mobilise them into people's institutions to enhance their voice and status in society; strengthen decision making; and tackling local social issues.

Enabling Apex Institutions

Apex institutions like Village Organisations and Federations are helping SHGs to sustain initiatives, and providing a platform for women to unite and advocate against key issues.

Creating Market Linkages

Creating market linkages is very important to sustain micro enterprises to further ensure the economic empowerment of women. ACF helps facilitate both backward and forward linkages for different enterprises, based on value chain analysis.

Networking on Social Issues

SHGs play an important role in addressing local social issues. Across locations ACF-promoted SHGs have been working on different social issues like child marriage, alcoholism, education for girls, widows and many more.

Outreach & Expansion Diversification

Outreach of our women empowerment program has been expanded across locations. Networking has been developed different partners across India and expansion made. Gujarat and Punjab are doing exemplary work in this regard.



Federations formed


women members in Federations

Rs.528.54 Lakhs

Federation Corpus


Village Organisations formed


Social Issues Tackled