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Curative Health

We help improve access to medical facilities by providing clinical and diagnostic services at a primary health care level - with a special focus on the underprivileged.

Diagnostic Centres

ACF establishes diagnostic centres in remote, underserved communities with fully automated biochemistry analyzer providing real time diagnostic services, including digital x-rays and ECG.

Community Health Clinics

We support communities in establishing Community Health Clinics which bridge the gap and help provide primary healthcare services to rural villages with no access to healthcare. Providing medicines for NCDs, they sustained access to affordable treatment in remote areas.

Specialty Health Camps

We provide early detection and screening camps with specialists like gynaecologists, pediatricians, opthalmologists and dentists on a quarterly basis in collaboration with Government, non-profit institutions and other stakeholders.

Health Care Centres for Truckers

Trucker’s population is mostly vulnerable and lacks access and time for medical health. We provide primary healthcare services to the trucking community through Health Care Centres including physician, counsellor, pharmacist and outreach worker, with a focus on awareness, HIV/STI, road safety, NCDs and vision screening.



Diagnostic Centres


Community clinics


Healthcare Centres cater to 86,275 truckers


Specialty health Camps