Education Creating an Enabling School Environment

Creating an Enabling School Environment

We help upgrade the infrastructure, and other resources, at government schools to create a better learning environment for children.

WASH Facilities

We ensure that each school has adequate sanitation facilities, including boys’ and girls’ toilets and proper hand washing stations and educate children on the need for proper sanitation and hygiene. We also ensure every school has potable water via the promotion of RRWHS, RO or filtration systems. Sanitary vending machines and incinerators are installed in middle and high schools to support menstrual hygiene.

BaLA Painting as Learning Aid

We transform school walls into learning aids by creating educational BaLA paintings which help reinforce learning and generate creative, colorful school learning environments.

Mini Science Lab for STEM Learning

We install Mini Science Centres (MSC) in schools to promote and support STEM learning. The ‘plug and play’ models help students to understanding various science and maths concepts, so that they are not just ‘memorising’ concepts, but understanding and retaining them.

Digital Classroom

Under SMART School Development Projects, we have established 80 Digital Classrooms to enhance learning through the use of interactive audio visual aids.

Quality Infrastructure

We upgrade infrastructure in schools to ensure quality sanitation blocks, drinking water facilities, library facilities with reading corner and BaLA painting – with the aim to provide a conducive environment for learning among children.

Parental Participation

Involvement of parents is a major focus at ACF for the development of school children. We ensure their inputs across interventions and generate awareness so that parents support children at home in adopting hygiene practices, practicing reading and writing and adopting exercise as a part of daily life.



Schools & Anganwadis supported


schools with sanitary pad vending machines


schools conducting water testing


students benefitted through Digital Classrooms


locations with Mini science centre under STEM learning


schools transformed through baLA painting