Education Promoting Reading & Physical Education

Promoting Reading & Physical Education

We promote reading and physical education as foundational activities that support the overall learning, development and well-being of children.


We establish and renovate libraries as a key resource for children – providing access to language and age relevant reading material for children of all ages.

Reading Promotion

We train local ‘Pustak Fairies’ who work with children to bring the magic of ‘reading’ alive and instill a habit of reading in school going children.

Special Events & Activities

We organise special events and activities such as ‘Reading Day’ and ‘essay competitions’ to further promote and engage children in reading.

Physical Education Training for Teachers & Volunteers

We train teachers and volunteers in physical education so that they can drive PE programs for children in schools.

Sports Equipment & Playground Upgrade

We provide access to the necessary sports equipment for PE programs, and upgrade playgrounds to ensure adequate and safe space for children to participate in sports.

Sports Events & Promotion

We organise special events and promote sports as a tool for regular physical activity for the overall health and well-being of children.



schools distributed with Sports kit


schools with Library establishment


hanging libraries in Varanasi


schools participating in Khel Mela Sports event


schools with Reading promotion


teachers trained in Physical Education