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Vizag is plagued with water problems, as TDS levels as high as 1800-2000 are found in groundwater – resulting in no potable water for communities. More than 50% of people in the villages were suffering frequently from Arthritis, Typhoid and other water borne diseases. Existing rainwater harvesting structures are in bad condition, with silted up tanks, check dams and nalas that require cleaning and deepening.

With majority of population dependent on agriculture, the cost of cultivation is very high due to an overuse of pesticides. Villages lack proper sanitation and drainage systems and overall sanitary conditions are poor in communities. Additionally, a Special Economic Zone and the fast growth of industrialisation in the area, is putting pressure on existing water and land resources.


ACF Works in 31 villages across two districts in Andhra Pradesh:

  1. Guntur
  2. Visakhapatnam


Water harvesting, groundwater recharge, safe drinking water and enhancing crop yields are major thrusts being focused on in Andhra Pradesh. Communities are being empowered as water stewards with Water Quality Testing to ensure its safety. Development of water infrastructure in villages, establishment of RO plants, and OHSR tank connectivity are some activities that are being practiced via a partnership with Asian Paints. Ground water is being monitored and managed to protect the area's precious resources through electrical motors, drilling of bore wells and water distribution system.

1361985 Kilolitres

Additional Water Storage Created


Safe Drinking Water Facilities


People with Portable Water Availability

14 villages

Increased Surface Water


Farmers with Micro-Irrigation

ACF’s integrated health program in partnership with Asian Paints incorporates preventive and promotive aspects of health, with a strong focus on women and children. The program is implemented by an on-ground cadre of village based trained health workers (Asha Workers) to provide better facilities of Government at village level. In alignment with the Government’s Swacch Bharat Mission, toilets have been built and awareness creation on ODF across 6 villages has been created. Additionally, ACF supports Anganwadi centres for better nutritional and health status of children.


Community Toilets

6 Villages

ODF Awareness

18 Angawadi Centres

Tackling Malnutrition


Soak Pits

The education program in Andhra Pradesh focuses on providing infrastructure support to schools to enhance the learning atmosphere and outcomes for children. Additionally, we are improving the hygiene and sanitation conditions in schools by building toilets and handwashing stations to promote WASH and improved health and hygiene behaviour of children.

5 Govt Schools

Sanitation Facilities

2000 Students

Received better infrastructure


Reverse Osmosis Water Purifying System & Water ATM - NadiKudi, Andhra Pradesh

When ACF entered the villages of NadiKudi, Andhra Pradesh, more than 50% of people in the villages were suffering frequently from Arthritis, Typhoid and other water borne diseases due to high TDS in the water. Installation of an RO water plant was decided as the best choice to address the issue. The community stepped forward to donate towards the project and land was provided by a local community member and panchayat. A well-planned distribution system was needed to ensure every household received the water supply, equally. As a result, 4 RO plants were installed in Budavada village in 2010 with a good distribution system to ensure equal distribution.


2 Giants Impact 4.2 lakh people in Rural Vishakapatnam

Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF) has partnered with Asian Paints to enhance the livelihood of 4.2 lakh individuals across 9 villages in Visakhapatnam, through comprehensive water and health initiatives. As part of Asian Paints CSR initiative, ACF acts as an implementing partner for this project to revive water bodies, install water filtration systems and create awareness among the community on judicious utilisation of water resources and proper health and hygiene practices.

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