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ACF at Uttar Pradesh operates in villages with a focus to enhance livelihoods in agriculture and promote skills based training. A number of times farmers lose out on using better technologies due to ignorance or extremely high costs. ACF regularly interacts with farmers to discuss these through trainings, setting up demonstration farms or exposure visits. The programmes in agriculture are also held in a close collaboration with NABARD and KVK. The regular interaction with farmers has ensured better produce coupled with quality and lesser investments.

Apart from agro based livelihoods, ACF also works extensively in providing skill based training through Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Institute- SEDI. Please read our SEDI section for more information on skills training.

ACF also undertakes work in health, education and women empowerment ensuring an overall development of the villages. ACF complements the work of government at Dadri by training the ASHA workers on issues like home based neo natal care, women empowerment, etc. Regular interaction with other government department and community level institutes like the VHSC ensures an inclusive approach in promotion of health. On the clinical side of health, a mobile health care unit ensures quality health care in 6 villages. HIV & AIDS awareness programmes are also held due to the high incidence of the disease in the area.

Education is facilitated through ACF trained village based teachers called the balmitras. The balmitras are women from the villages, trained by ACF to help children in studying through various teaching learning methods. ACF has also established 3 VKCs to enhance the professional and personal skills of rural youth and serve as a resource and information centre.

SHG groups have been formed in Dadri who undergo regular training and awareness programmes. ACF also initiated the adult literacy centre for these women in the recent past for the SHG group members. You can also read in detail about ACF’s activities in Dadri in the attached page.

Click here to download Activities of Uttar Pradesh.

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