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We work in Rabriyawas, Marwar Mundwa and Chirawa at Rajasthan which are characterised by arid climatic conditions and erratic rainfall. In spite of this, the main livelihood option here is farming. Our work in Rajasthan comprises of water resource management, agro based livelihoods, health and women empowerment.

Rajasthan has a history of numerous water harvesting techniques which are now being revived by ACF coupled with use of modern technology. Work in water resource management is also being carried out in Marwar Mundwa extensively. The availability of water has largely helped farmers to try various techniques like wadis in their farms. The regular training with farmers on various techniques has also ensured efficient use of water and increased quality of crops.

We are also implementing the MPOWER (Mitigating Poverty of Western Region) project in the Pali district for a period of 56 months. The project reaches out to all the BPL families (6551) in the 63 project villages of 24 Gram Panchayat of Bali block. The objective of project is to improve the quality of life of the poor’s and create sustainable livelihood opportunities for vulnerable and marginal group of project area.

Rabriyawas has a strong cadre of sakhis who are ACF’s village health functionaries ensuring that health services are available at all times. Since all the sakhis in Rabriyawas have either been absorbed in the government cadre of ASHA or have developed their own livelihood options, the sakhis are now working independently and are in touch with ACF for training purposes.

Women in Rabriyawas, Marwar Mundwa and Chirawa are also encouraged to form SHG groups and train them to maintain their accounts and operations. The groups are facilitated to develop bank linkages and livelihood activities. For more information on our work in Rajasthan, please see the attachment.

Since skills training is another major area of concern, we have set up a SEDI at Jaitarn, Nagaur and Chirwa. The SEDI here provides training in various trades. To know more about our SEDI, please refer to our skills training page.

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