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We work in Bathinda and Ropar districts of Punjab with a focus on agricultural development. We encourage farmers to use sustainable farming practises by promoting organic farming methods. In Bathinda, the Farmers Organic Store has been set up, helping farmers to sell their produce through this store. Another initiative under the agriculture is promotion of the Better Cotton Initiative. More farmers are now following the BCI technique to grow cotton, as it improves soil fertility, reduces input costs and fetches better prices.

We also work closely with PSCACS in both the locations on the issue of prevention of HIV & AIDS. Extensive work is carried out with sex workers, MSM (men having sex with men), IDU (Intravenous Drug Users) and truckers to building awareness. Bathinda also has a strong cadre of sakhis or village health functionaries trained by ACF to ensure 24 X7 health services in their respective villages. Regular health camps and awareness sessions are conducted in Ropar and Bathinda to ensure a healthy village.

We also support education through different methods in Punjab. In Bathinda we have the AmbujaGyan Deep Kendra for out of school children with the hope to enrol them in mainstream schools. The AmbujaManovikas Kendra in Ropar is a special school for mentally challenged children. The school has been functional since February 1999 with the focus to provide living skills to the children helping them to be independent and productive adults through therapy, sports and vocational training. In 2012, we also introduced the home based rehabilitation programme where services of the school are provided to the children in their own homes. The children at AMK have won laurels in sports- Four of our students won seven medals in the World Summer Special Olympic Games held at Athens. For donations to the school, please mail at amkropar@yahoo.co.in

ACF is involved extensively in providing skills training to youth. We have been identified as the industry partner by the Government of Punjab to manage the ITI at Anandpur Sahib after the Government of India launched a scheme to upgrade it is through PPP model. For more details on this, please refer to our SEDI page.

We also work with women in Bathinda and Ropar to form SHG groups. The women receive training on record keeping, accountancy etc coupled with leadership skills. In Bathinda some groups also donates a small amount of money per month to their respective SHGs to fund girl child education.

To know more about our work in Punjab, please read the attached chapter.

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