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ACF works in the Chandrapur and Panvel region of Maharashtra. In Chandrapur we work in 160 villages with the primary focus on Health. Chandrapur was marked by poor health indicators and lack of access to health facilities. One of the best way to ensure basic health facilities was to train village health representative from each village. Today we call them sakhis. The sakhis ensure timely health services reach their village or referrals are done wherever required. Over the years, we have trained our sakhis in HBNC- home based neo natal care programme, nutrition, sanitation, etc. Some of our sakhis have been working for more than ten years and have extensive experience in health care; a number of them are absorbed in the government cadre of ASHAs. The integrated health programme at Chandrapur also involves extensive work in the areas of sanitation, malnutrition and awareness amongst the people, complementing the work of the government under the NRHM.

Since agriculture is the main source of livelihood for many, we also hold regular farmer training sessions coupled with exposure visits. As cotton is one of main crops of cultivation, the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) at Chandrapur is today helping numerous farmers in getting a better price for their cotton provided they follow all the norms of the BCI. Till date 2793 acres of land has been covered under the BCI project. The work in agriculture is complemented by the work in water resource management through construction of check dams and other maintenance work.

We work to promote quality education in various schools in Chandrapur and Panvel through support in infrastructure, regular teacher training, promotion of various teaching and learning methods. In Chandrapur, we have also trained balmitras or children’s friends, who are village based women helping the children study through play method.

In Panvel, we work with 3 villages on the issues women empowerment, education and health. We have also established a Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (SEDI) in Panvel and Chandrapur focussing on different trades. SEDI at Panvel has courses like beauty parlour, hardware networking, retail which are more suited to urban needs, where as in Chandrapur, SEDI has collaborated with the gram panchayats to benefit the youth. Read more about skill training in our SEDI section.

The SHG women in Panvel took a bold step to set up a small canteen for workers at ACL. Set up since 2011, the group is running this small enterprise complementing their family income. We also support SHG groups in Chandrapur encouraging them to save and begin entrepreneurial activities. For more information on our work at Maharahstra, please read the attachment.

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