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We work in two distinct areas in Himachal Pradesh- Darlaghat which is situated in the hills and Nalagarh near the Punjab Himachal border. Since agriculture and livestock rearing are the main sources of livelihood, we work extensively to build the capacities of the farmers through various training programmes. When we realised that women in the hills are traditionally care takers of animals, and animal care is an urgent need, we trained animal vets knows as the pashuswasthyasevikas (PSS). We trained the PSS in the latest on animal care coupled with traditional knowledge. The women over a period of time have built thisinto an alternate source of income.

We have a sustainable method of ensuring 24X 7 health services in the village by training village women in preventive, promotive and clinical care. These women are called sakhis who have worked tirelessly to create awareness on basic health issues and also provide for basic clinical needs. In Nalagarh, regular health camps, awareness sessions in the community along with a diagnostic centre has received a positive response from the community. Since the region has a large floating population the targeted Intervention Project is being run for truckers in collaboration with Apollo Tyres Foundation to prevent the spread of HIV & AIDS.

Education in Darlghat is supported by providing technical and training support to the school teachers. Keeping in view the child centric focus, ACF has also trained balmitras or child’s friends who help the child in the studies through various teaching and learning methods. The balmitras intervention has made studying joyous for children.

To ensure water availability, we have also undertaken Integrated Watershed Development Project at Darlaghat at Dhundan, Daseran and Saryanj- Sarma in partnership with NABARD apart from construction of ponds wherever required. We also work with SHG groups in the villages encouraging women to save and begin their own small enterprises in Darlaghat and Nalagarh. Please read the attachment for more information on our work in Himachal Pradesh.

Skill training is an important aspect of livelihoods in our country today. We have established the Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (SEDI) across 10states today including Himachal Pradesh. At Darlaghat, PNB is our partner and the institute is managed by Institute of Skill and Entrepreneurship Development (ISED). One of the most popular courses in Darlaghat, Himachal Pradesh is the hosiery course which is empowering women to step out of the house and contribute in income of the family. Various other courses are also run at SEDI. For more information please read our section on SEDI.

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