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Chhattisgarh - Impact
Sr. No Activities Unit Chhatisgarh
    During the year Till Date
1A Water Resources Management and Drinking Water Projects      
  a. Checkdam construction / Renovation No   8
  b. Dykes construction No  
c. Well Recharging / Percolation well No    
  d. Ponds Construction / Renovation No 4 28
  e. Link Channels / Canals construction Km   1
  f. Water Storage Tank / Farm Ponds No    
  g. Khadine Bund No    
B Drinking Water Projects      
  a. RRWHS Construction No 1 1
  b. Drinking water wells / Bore wells / Renovation of Saline Wells / Bouris No 8 102
  c. Overhead / Cistern Tank construction/underground sump No    
  d. Community Based Driniking Water Project No 1 2
C Soil and Water Conservation      
  a. Area Treated ( Gully Control / Gabion / loose boulder structure / weir crates / Khadine Ha   635
2A Agriculture Development      
  a. Micro Irrigation system, Drip and Sprinklers Acre 5 5
  b. Bee Keeping      
  No of units No    
  Yield from bee keeping Kg.    
  No of families      
  c. Organic Farming Acre    
  d. Training & Exposure visits No 16 95
  Farmers trained No 330 2244
  e. Vermi / NADEP Composting No    
  f. Mushroom Cultivation Farmers    
  g. Aquaculture No    
  h. Area under SRI cultivation Acre 150 704
  No of farmers No. 150 749
  i. Seed Production programme Acre    
  j. Better Cotton Initiative - Area covered Acre    
  - Farmers covered No    
B Farm Forestry and Afforestation      
  a. Horticulture Plantation Acre    
  No of plants nos    
  b. Agro-Farm Forestry Acre    
  c Afforestation Acre    
  d. Avenue plantation / Roadside plantation Km    
3 Animal Husbandry Programme      
  a. Cattle Health Camps No 14 91
  Cattles Treated No 1154 36759
  Cattle Immunised No 2244 2244
  b.Fodder Demonstrations Acre   21
  c. Artificial Insemination No   1231
  d. Integrated cattle feeding system No    
  e. Dairy co-operatives formed No    
  f. Pashu Swastha Sevika (PSS) / paravets No    
  g. No of families benefited by AH programme   398 4142
4 Non Conventional Energy      
  a. Biogas Plants No 10 142
  b. Smokeless Chullahs No    
5 Education Development      
  a. Non Formal Education Centre No    
  Children enrolled / mainstreamed No    
  b. School / Anganwadi (Balwadi )Support Programme No 26 26
  c. Balmitras trained No    
  d. Government Teachers Training & Workshops No 1 2
  e. Construction and Repairing of School Building No   1
  f. Teaching Learning Resource support to schools No    
  g. Scholarship for Higher Studies / Support to Needy Students No   40
  h. Village / School Library No   3
  i. Village Knowledge Centre / Computer education No 01/04/13 01/04/13
  j. Adolescent Education Programme No    
  k. Adult Education Centres      
  l. Students training / exposure visits No    
  m. Co-curricular activities (Balmela, summer camps, sports events) No    
  n. Schools benefited No 0 26
  o.No of students benefited under Education Development   5417 5417
6 Special Education- Ambuja Mano Vikas Kendra      
  a.No of Children No    
  b. No of children covered under home based rehabilitation No    
  c.No of special children / community benefited by physiotherapy centre No    
7 Health and sanitation Programme      
  a. No of camps organised (include all general and speciality health camps) No 29 307
  Patients benefited No 1340 20064
  b. Villages benefited under mobile & weekly dispensary No 10 22
  Patients treated No 2567 9605
  c. Sakhis (Village Health Functionaries) No 27 27
  d. Villages covered by Sakhis / Patients treated by Sakhis No 13/2833 13/9489
  e. Khelwadi sessions conducted by Sakhis No 441 1621
  f. Health intervention trainings done (include trainings of Sakhis / public health/community level) No 11 31
  Participants in trainings No 301 607
  g. Construction of Toilet Blocks / Sulabh Sauchalaya / Soak Pits No 50 862
  h. Villages where Total Sanitation Campaign initiated No   3
  i. No of Village Health Sanitation Committees activated No 11 11
  j. No of drug addicts treated / referred No    
  No of families benefited      
  k. No of IEC activities done to save girl child No   1
8A HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme ( Community )      
  a. Awareness session for CSWs / MSMs/ IDUs / Migrant workers No 6 >23
  b. Condom Distribution No 2000 8000
  c. Peer Educators No   20
  d. Cases treated under STI clinics No   2
  e. Identification / Formation of Network of HIV + ve Person No    
  f. One to One sessions No    
  g. No of health centres No    
  h. People benefited by HIV Testing No    
  i. No of people benefited No 2850 10850
B Workplace Programme      
  a. Awareness session for Staff / Families / contract staff / laboures / Truckers / Students / Rural community No 1 4
  b. Master Trainers / peer educators   20 20
  c. Peer Educators Training Programme No 1 3
  d. Street Play/One to one sessions No    
  e. Doctors CME ( Continous Medical Education) W/for Doctors No    
  f. People benefitted from HIV Testing No    
  g. No of people benefited no 200 450
9 Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Programme No    
  a. No of institute   0 1
  b. No of batches / courses No 15/4 28/8
  c. Entrepreneurs trained under SEDI / ITI No 272 424
  d. No of trainees placed No 193 314
  e. No of trainees persuing (Continuation)   52 52
10 Women and Youth Development      
  a. No of SHG formed     81
  No of members     984
  b. Training & Exposure (women) No 11 78
  No of participants No 423 1487
  c. Training & Exposure (Youth)      
  No of participants No    
  d. No of Federations Formed No    
11 Rural Infrastructure Development Programme No    
  a. Construction of Common Pathways / Village Roads No / Mtrs 1215 7266
  b. Street Light installation No 53 548
  c. Drainage construction Mtrs   1965
  d. Crematorium / Ghats construction/ Drinking water facilities No   18
  e. Community Centre construction / School classroom No   16
  f. Development of Play Grounds/Retaining wall No / Mts 1 3
  g. Support for Social and Cultural Events No   19
  h. Bus Shelters / compound walls No   7
  i. House repairing No    
  j. Construction of culverts / bridge No   3
  k. Low cost housing project No    
  l.Construction of new School No    
  m. No of villages covered No 5 14
12 Gir Forest Conservation project      
  a. Construction of Parapet wall around wells to protect wild animals No    
13 Krishi Vigyan Kendra - Kodinar No    
  a. No of villages covered No    
  b. No of farmers trained No    
  c. No of technology transfered No    
  d. No of technology tested No    
14 Over all coverage No    
  a.No of villages   14 14
  a.Approx No of People benefited   23726 23726
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