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Bhatapara in Chhattisgarh is marked by onset of a number of industries creating a high demand of skilled personnel. We decided to set up our Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Institute (SEDI) at Bhatapara to train the rural youth who are largely involved in low paying agricultural jobs only. Since its inception, the SEDI Bhatapara has successfully trained and placed numerous youth providing a positive direction to the youth. The SEDI here provides training in Beautician Training, Computer Hardware & Networking, Electrician Training, Carpentry, Masonry, and Gardening and is the only institute to have received a license to operate a driving school for HMVs and LMVs. The special driving academy is called the “Ambuja Driving Excellence Academy”, which has been set up in partnership with Tata Motors and is approved by the RTO. In 2012; SEDI-Bhatapara was recognised as a Vocational Training Provider (VTP).

Agriculture is another major area of livelihood in the region. Since rice is grown in abundance in the region, we are trying to promote the system of rice intensification programme which is known to use water efficiently and better paddy produce. We also work in the area of health through a strong cadre of ACF trained village health functionaries called sakhis who have been trained to ensure 24 X 7 basic health services in their respective villages. We also encourage women to saving groups through the formation of SHG groups. Some of the groups have also taken up entrepreneurial activities like agarbatti making etc. For more details of our work in Bhatapara, please refer to the attachment.

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