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Training Modules
Capacity Building
Ambuja Cement Foundation considers capacity building of community members an important part of development. We conduct training sessions that provide ample space for interaction with the people. In these sessions there is a free exchange of ideas and knowledge, which makes the process enriching for both parties.

Training or capacity building sessions aim at catering to the specific needs of the local population and cover various topics. Agriculture and allied fields, animal husbandry, water management, self-help group governance and day to day operation, skill training for development of small scale enterprises and teacher training are commonly organized at the locations.

ACF conducts sessions for capacity building for the people it works with and also for its own staff members. The staff attends seminars, conferences, workshops and exposure visits on a broad spectrum of issues. They then implement what they have learned from these sessions into their field work. These platforms are opportunities to exchange ideas and views on issues of social development and also to network with other similar minded people and organizations. We are also open to visitors from other organisations in order to share our work and experiences with them.
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