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Sealing Salinity, An Innovative Drinking Water Project in Salinity Affected Coastal Areas
A booklet on our innovative experiments with dealing with the problem of salinity in villages in
coastal Gujarat
A Year of People Centered Development (Also available in Marathi)
A booklet on integrated intervention in Chandrapur, that includes information on issues taken up and the brief descriptions on impact on the twelve villages covered
A Unique Case Study of Ground Water Recharge through Check Dam
A case study of the impact of constructing check dams in series in village Valadar, Gujarat, as suggested by the farmers to increase the ground water table thereby increasing agricultural productivity
Enriching Experience – A step forward by women farmers to sustain traditional agriculture wisdom
Using self-help groups of women farmers to change the face of agriculture
Impact of Watershed Development Project in Jafrabad Taluka, Dist. Amreli
A booklet on the positive impact watershed development projects have had on life, agriculture
and incomes
Impact of Water Resource Development Programme in Kodinar and surrounding areas,
Dist. Junagadh
A booklet on water resource management interventions in Kodinar, Gujarat and its impact
Impact of ACF’s drinking water programme in Kodinar
A book explaining simple means of solving drinking water problems in Kodinar - Case studies included
Interlinking Water Harvesting Structures through Link Water Channels – A viable alternative at micro level
A book that explains ACF’s intervention in the field of salinity mitigation in coastal Gujarat through interlinking of water bodies
Sandhanidhar Women’s Dairy Co-operative Society – Women Empowerment and
Socio – Economic Development through Collective Action
Employing micro-enterprise development for women as a means of poverty alleviation in Kodinar
Salinity Prevention and Mitigation Initiative
Agriculture and water resource development in salinity ingress affected coastal areas
Integrated Development of the village Valadar through Wasteland Development
Initiative – managing Common Property Resources (CPR) through community participation
A booklet on the wasteland development of Valadar village carried out by ACF
Health Services at Rural Doorsteps
Creating a cadre of Village Health Functionaries - A booklet on how we developed village women as doctors to serve rural populations for preventive and curative care
Ocha Pani ane Vadhu Utpadan (Gujarati)
A book on efficient water management for proper utilization and better yields with lesser water
Krishima Bio Technology (Gujarati)
A book on applying bio-technology to agriculture
Krishi Adharit Udyog ane Mulyavruddhi (Gujarati)
A booklet on agro-based industries and means of improving market value of agricultural products through grading, processing and proper packaging - Case studies included
Jal Sanchay ane Teno Karyasham Upyog (Gujarati)
A book on water conservation and effective utilization in industry, agriculture and households - Case studies included
Sajeev Kheti Uttam Kheti (Gujarati)
A book on promoting organic farming for long term sustenance of agriculture - Includes articles by experts and case studies of farmers
Mishra Kheti Kariye, Jokham Ghatadiye (Gujarati)
A case study on integrated farming and market-based cropping pattern for better yields and incomes
The story of an NGO Network, Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan
A book that documents Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan that was involved in disaster relief management
post-Kutch earthquake in 2001 - ACF’s involvement has primarily been in documentation of the success story of this consortium of NGOs - Based on research report by Dr. Nita Mukherjee of Mukherjee KnowledgeWare Association
Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting System – The Most Economic & Simplest System for Rain Water Harvesting
A booklet that gives answers to basic questions about the construction of roof rain water
harvesting systems
Village Education Committees - Recharging School Education Systems
A booklet on how we improved village schools by working with Village Education Committees
Water Resource Management in Junagadh: Transforming lives
A booklet on Our interventions in water management in Junagadh,Gujarat
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