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Water Resource Management
489 Check dam construction/renovation
1096 Well recharging/percolation wells
624 Pond construction/deepening
79 km link channel/canals constructed
270 Installation of hand/submersible pump
4 Community based safe drinking water project
1361  -families benefitted
Agro based livelihood
20068 Area treated
7992 acre Agricultural demonstrations
6984 acre acres Horticulture promotion
5058 acres acres Micro-irrigation systems
9429 Kitchen gardens
764 acre Organic farming
1163     -farmers benefited
50707 Farmers training in training and exposure visits
1931 acres IPM promotion
1417 acre SRI cultivation
950 acres Wadi development
914 animal health camps
404648 Cattle treated
23871 Artificial inseminations
1117 Biogas plants
3912 Smokeless chullahs/solar cookers
8018 acre area covered in BCI project
2552farmer benefited in BCI project
Skill based livelihood
3647 Persons trained under SEDI/ITI
1557 Persons trained under REDP
2022 trainees under SEDI and ITI and 1624 under REDP.
104 groups with 600 members engaged in income generation activities.
210805 patients benefited from camps
306 Village Health Funcationaries(VHFs)
102671 Patients treated by VHFs
529208 Patients treated by mobile dispensary
6624 Construction of soak pits/Sulabh sauchalaya/toilet blocks
7021 Awareness sessions for commercial sex workers/migrant workers/IUDs/MSMs
3491762 Condom distribution
30052Cases identified by STI clinics
50 Non formal education centres/Balsanskar kendras
1115    -Children enrolled
316 School /Anganwadi/Balwadi support
33 Government teachers training and workshops
410 Student training/exposure visits
Women’s empowerment
791 SHGs (in 2009-10)
23597 Women receiving training and exposure visits
124 Revolving fund support of SHGs
1168 Income generation for SHGs
39771138 Corpus (in 2009-10)
50553 Mtrs Construction of pathways/roads
61049 Mtrs Construction of pathways/roads
8453 Mtrs. Drainage construction
94 Bus shelters/compound walls
65 house repairing
Disaster Relief
During the Mumbai deluge, Teams were formed for reaching out to the flood affected parts of Mumbai, Konkan, Sangli, Kolhapur, Islamapur, Raigad and other parts of Western Maharashtra - We spent approximately Rs. 80 lakh for distribution of food packets, utensils and cotton blankets to people from affected areas
More than 25,000 people were provided flood relief in Surat, when the Tapi river overflowed
In the past ACF has been involved in relief activities following the natural calamities like the earthquake in Kutch and Jammu and Kashmir, the Super Cyclone in Orissa and the Tsunami in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
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