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Other Projects
Energy Conservation
ACF has been working on promoting clean and renewable energy sources through its initiatives in Rabriyawas and Chirawa. Farmers are encouraged to adopt solar energy for irrigation pumping. Biogas plants have been constructed at Chirawa, Bathinda and Nalagarh as an alternative energy source. Solar power street lights are promoted in villages based on community needs.
Energy efficient chullhas (stoves) have been promoted in households in Rajasthan and Gujarat helping reduce fuel consumption, and improve rural kitchens by reducing smoke. The community continues to use these chullhas for their household use.
Wildlife Protection
In the Gir forest (adjoining Ambuja's plant in Kodinar), ACF has constructed parapet walls around the wells. This prevent wild animals especially the endangered Asiatic lions from falling into open wells. This is a crucial step towards wildlife protection in the region.
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