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The Issue
The agricultural economy has been changing, and with time it has been noted that migration from rural areas has taken on alarming proportions. Not only does the influx of the rural unemployed into cities strain urban resources, it leads to a breakdown in the family structure and an abysmal quality of life for the migrants. Generating employment in rural India, especially for marginal farmers and the landless, is thus of crucial relevance.
Our Solution
We developed a number of alternate employment opportunities for villagers:
Appropriate training (driving, mechanics, housekeeping, mehndi, tailoring) was given to youth
Self-help groups for women have acted as catalysts for social and economic empowerment
-  persuading villagers to save regularly
-  dispensing loans to group members
-  supporting micro-enterprises like detergent and candle making, agarbatti manufacture, grocery shops, nurseries,    dairy farming, trading in agricultural produce, embroidery and tailoring
-  organizing training to improve skills
-  helping find new markets for products
-  helping the producers get better realizations for products
-  setting up exposure visits to small entrepreneur initiatives run by other self-help groups
During implementation of our own projects, preference is always given to employing local
The Outcome
488 SHGs
6,159 members in SHGs
1,22,92,120 corpus with SHGs
418 training and exposure visits for SHG members have been conducted
2,505 participants
38 SHG awareness/skill training/rallies/street plays/wall paintings/competitions/workshops have been conducted
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