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Supporting Education
ACF's education programme is driven with an objective of reaching out to the most marginalised groups of children and provides them with a chance for holistic education and development. The programme reaches out to the most marginalised of all groups: the girl child, out-of-school children of migrant labourers and differently- abled children.
ACF works with around 390 education centres across states enhancing the quality of education through interventions like furnishing and functionalising libraries; establishing reading clubs; equipping schools with hands-on math kits; and starting math laboratories. A large number of students supported by ACF have access to computers, playgrounds, clean washroom facilities, and trained education providers to cater to their learning needs. Our work in the field is carried forward by balmitras, our trained village based group who work closely with parents, schools and children on various aspects of education.
Non formal schools, also called Basti schools, run by ACF at various locations like Nalagarh, Roorkee and Bathinda, reach out to children left out of the formal education system. At these centres, ACF focuses on building up the basics through regular sessions and exposure to variety of teaching–learning methods. Once the children are adequately prepared, they are mainstreamed into regular schools.
The Ambuja Manovikas Kendra (AMK), caters to the needs of special children and draws out their potential in more than one way. AMK today has achieved a name for itself in not only state but also at national and international levels due to stupendous performance of our students in sports and cultural activities. At the community level, we have been organising awareness camps for social inclusion of differently-abled children. We have also slowly started rehabilitating our AMK children into the workforce. To maximize its reach, AMK this year has now introduced the 'home based rehabilitation programme' under which the special educators from the school visit the child at home on a weekly basis. The school hopes to extend it services to maximum children in the vicinity.
A sponsorship programme for AMK students has been initiated to enhance the sustainability of our various projects. We have been successful in covering all our around 75 students through sponsorship. With support from trained and sensitive professionals and the children's own determination, AMK is now paving the way for change.
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