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Capacity Building
The Issue
A major reason why so many rural communities in India stay underdeveloped is because assistance is superficial and ameliorative, rather than strategised and executed to address the root causes of problems. External aid can only be temporary – in the long term, development is sustainable when communities take charge of their lives and develop the skills to overcome the challenges they face.
Our Solution
ACF works towards building capacities – in various fields - of the communities it works with:
We impart training to improve villagers’ skills and income-generation capacity
-  specific crafts, dairying, farming practices, accounting for women
-  appropriate agricultural practices, animal husbandry for farmers
-  alternate vocations for youth – both agro and non-agro based
We organise exposure visits - to district dairies, vermi-composting units, micro enterprises – so that communities can learn from each other
We educate communities on health and environment issues
We share our knowledge and experience with other NGOs and government bodies
The Outcome
14 youth groups
196 members
54 training programmes for women
5538 women trained
33 exposure visits – community based projects
966 participants
14 training sessions at SEDI have been conducted
persons have been trained
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